Worldpay FAQs

Table of Contents

Online Reporting
Terminal Troubleshooting
OmniFlex Virtual Terminal
PCI Compliance

  1. What if I need help reconciling my daily batches and credit card transactions?

  2. How do I access my online reporting?

  3. What if I need help troubleshooting my terminal or point-of-sale device?

  4. What if I have questions about my Virtual Terminal, OmniFlex?

    • Please review our OmniFlex Quick Reference Guide to assist with any of the following questions:

      1. How do I run reports?
      2. How do I update transactions (transaction lookup, capture from authorization, and return/reverse/void)?
      3. How do I set up a Card on File?
      4. How do I set up a payment plan (Recurring Payments)?
      5. How do I capture a sale (manually enter, etc)?
    • OmniFlex Support

  5. How do I access my monthly statements?

    • Login to iQ to access your monthly statements.
    • Or login to the iQ Now mobile site to download your statements.
  6. What if I need help with my PCI compliance certificiation using SaferPayments?